Dialogue with multinationals

Dialogues with multinationals

The objective of Fondation Guilé was to convince business leaders to create value not only for shareholders but also for other stakeholders in their ecosystem: employees, community, customers and suppliers.

We have been in dialogue for 10 years with more than 200 multinationals, because this is the most effective way to encourage them to change. The results of our GuiléReportingAssessmentTM analysis form the basis of this constructive interaction.

This approach has led to a positive transformation in multinationals. The example of peers and the desire to maintain a good reputation are powerful motivators for these companies. After the GuiléReportingAssessmentTM analysis, the foundation identifies gaps in the company’s public information and provides recommendations for progress that are delivered to the CEO and to the person responsible for CSR.

→ if these gaps can be filled because the information exists, the discussion will focus on the relevance of deliverables, and sometimes on the management of risks and opportunities related to transparency, taking into account constraints such as the reaction of NGOs or internal legal department guidelines.

→ if shortcomings are caused by a lack of action, dialogue will come from a more strategic angle, and a discussion with managers will begin.