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Entrepreneur Martin Burrus moved to Boncourt, in the canton of Jura, where he began producing tobacco products. His son François-Joseph Burrus took up the baton and named the company F.J. Burrus. The F.J. Burrus company remained in the family for nearly 200 years, or 6 generations.


As the first company in Switzerland to develop family allowances, health insurance and retirement plans for its employees (from 1936), F.J. Burrus quickly became a pioneer of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Switzerland.


Martin’s successor, Léon, and his wife Marguerite (nicknamed Guigui) built a house, the Domaine de Guilé, whose name is a combination of their respective first names, where their spirit, values and family heritage could be shared.


On the strength of his successes, Léon’s eldest son, Charles, took over the presidency of the family business, at that time, the largest private sector employer in the Jura.


Following the sale of the family company, Charles and Bernadette, his wife, created Fondation Guilé whose aim is to enable the heads of multinationals to appropriate the tools necessary to become ethically responsible actors.


Charles and Bernadette Burrus created Fondation Novandi. The aim of the foundation is to prioritise and promote young people’s development, so that they carry out actions and achievements that promote respect for human dignity and universal values. The foundation also promotes the search for the meaning of life in general, and inner personal development.


Following the death of Charles Burrus, the activities of Fondation Novandi and Fondation Guilé continue. Charles Burrus’ family remains fully involved in both foundations. Christian Budry was appointed President of Fondation Novandi. Régis Burrus, the eldest son of Charles and Bernadette, was appointed President of Fondation Guilé and Vice-President of Fondation Novandi. By continuing the work undertaken by his parents, Régis Burrus continues to transmit his family’s values to this day.


Following the death of Christian Budry, Régis Burrus was appointed President of the foundation and Bernadette Burrus was appointed Vice-President.