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youth, education, training and innovation in Switzerland

Fondation Novandi supports initiatives and achievements focused on youth, education, training and innovation in switzerland.

Fondation Novandi aims to promote and encourage the growth and development of young people in Switzerland in educational, moral, intellectual, cultural and sporting terms.

Fondation Novandi also contributes to investments for the construction or development of facilities for teaching, training, education and sport.


Parution du Livre 'Boncourt, un dilemme Suisse' La Fondation Novandi est heureuse d'annoncer la parution d'un nouvel ouvrage qu'elle a...
Support for deserving students Support for deserving students in Switzerland, in particular in the Jura canton. After answering...
Covid 19 Solidarity Fund & Grants In light of the crisis linked to the coronavirus pandemic, Fondation Novandi made a donation to...
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