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Inspiration from the founders

The strength of a country is its youth, and the strength of its youth comes from education.Charles Burus

Fondation Novandi aims to promote and encourage the development and growth of young people in Switzerland at an educational, moral, intellectual, cultural and sporting level. Fondation Novandi also contributes to investments in the construction or development of facilities for teaching, training, education and sport.

Bernadette and Charles Burrus wanted to pass on to young people who are future decision-makers some of the fruits of their knowledge harvested during their lives, thanks to their work and the luck that smiled down on them.

fondation novandi was created on the basis of respect for moral values and according to the christian convictions of its founders, charles and bernadette burrus.

The creation of the foundation was also inspired by the founders’ wishes to not merely stick to their professed convictions, but to try to embody them through concrete actions.

This inspiration is clearly expressed by the name of the Fondation Novandi and its motto :

«Et nunc NOVANDI perficiendo est tempus»
«The time has come to innovate what needs to be perfected», which is itself inspired by a verse from Horace :
«Quod ab antiquis traditum, Nobis novando perficiendum».
«hat which the Ancients have passed on, it is up to us to perfect through innovation.».